About Classic Safaris

You are the most important person in your safari. We want to put your requirements first. One part of that is to let you know more about the people of Classic Safaris.

Vaughan Fulton
Namibian Certified and Registered Professional Hunter, Dangerous Game
Member, Namibia Professional Hunting Association

I am currently registered and licensed as a Big Game (dangerous game) professional hunter in Namibia and have been involved full time in the industry for over 25 years now. I have had the chance to hunt many different species and in many different areas across the country and to work with different types of operations including ranches, lodges, and concessions. Through that work, I sharpened a vision of what I wanted to do. The experience gained was invaluable and is still ongoing, as one experiences and learns something new everyday.

Through hunting I am able to live out my passion and love of nature and contribute actively to conservation. The opportunity to work in this environment and share together with people from all around the world with similar interests, values and principles is simply hard to beat. I am conscious of my responsibility to help you achieve your dreams and goals and ultimately, happy memories.

I have been fortunate to work with many wonderful clients. If you would like to speak with some of my previous clients as references, please do not hesitate to contact me.


What Clients Say

You will get spoiled hunting with Vaughan. The tribal lands hunted are vast and remote with excellent trophy quality animals like the 57 5/8” Kudu I took. It has the fascinating local culture to engage, first rate food and service and is a real, yet very comfortable African tented safari. You can also feel good about supporting the tribal conservancies knowing your patronage encourages the protection and proliferation of wildlife that might otherwise disappear to herds of cattle and goats. To top it all off, Vaughan has one hell of a singing voice.
Mike Core


What can I say, hunting with Vaughan Fulton Classic Safaris was a dream fulfilled. Everything–from Vaughan as a P.H., to the camp accommodations, to the trackers and skinners, to the fantastic meals, to the tremendous trophy quality of the animals–was simply incredible! This is old fashioned, fair chase hunting done the way it should be done. Classic Safaris really does help you to “live the dream.”
Mike Homcha


Successfully tracking a problem lion on foot through the Kunene Region desert was as exciting as it gets. Vaughan is a dedicated professional, and absolutely committed to the cause of African wildlife and the ethics of the fair chase. What an incredible adventure!
Andy Pickens


Vaughan lives what Capstick wrote. For the love of life, bring your biggest gun and leave your panties at home. Thanks again, Vaughan.
Dan Case

Hunting Stories from Clients

Several clients have been kind enough to share stories from their hunts.

Elephant From Horizon to Horizon by Mike Robinson

Running After Kudu by Mark Tabert

The King of the Mountain by Mike Homcha

Not Typical Eland Behavior by Joe McCray

Elia and the Snake by George Galphin

Unpredictable Leopard by Joe McCray

Now Comes the Excitement” by Sandy Trout