Travel Advice

We want your travel to be as smooth as possible. These are things we’ve learned by helping our clients through the process of traveling to Namibia.

En Route to Namibia
You will not need more than 3-4 changes of clothing, in short don’t over-pack. Many hunters split their ammunition when possible in case of lost baggage, this is a good idea. For Malaria prevention and shots that need to be taken, please check your national or local Health department’s recommendations for Namibia.

Ensure that your rifle case is sturdy enough to take the abuse it receives from baggage handlers. Also ensure that it is locked.

When you are checking in your luggage and rifles from your home airport, check everything through to Windhoek unless you intend over-nighting en route.

Many hunters headed to Namibia transit through South Africa, which has a special permit process for rifles in transit. Ensure you research the current requirements before departing.

Please advise us of your exact dates, times and airport of arrival before departing. You will be met by a representative of Classic Safaris at the airport unless you indicate that you have your own itinerary for the first few days (recovery from jet lag, side trips, etc).

At the airport, upon clearing customs you must go to the firearms desk to fill in this form and receive your rifle/s and temporary permit. The information that they will require on the form is as follows, Full names, I.D. or passport number, original firearm permit (if available), the serial numbers and calibres for each rifle, the amount of ammunition (do not exceed 60 rounds per calibre) and your departure flight number and date. You will also be asked in what area you will be staying/hunting; this is the name of the Conservancy.

Travel Within Namibia for Hunting
For our Kavango hunting area, Air Namibia offers regular scheduled flights to the airport at Rundu. This is our main hunting area and is a ten hour drive from Windhoek, Namibia. Road transfer to the camp is not included in your package, and you may choose to consider an air charter as an option. After securing the exact cost, Classic Safaris will gladly book the flights on your behalf and with no commission.

Returning Home
On the day of departure, when checking in your luggage the rifle must also be weighed and checked in. You will then be instructed to take the rifle to the police office where they will check the serial number/s of your rifle/s and ask the amount of ammunition that you have left. Your temporary firearm permit will be taken and your rifle/s can then be placed on the conveyor for loading.

First Trip to Hunt in Africa
We truly enjoy helping hunters with their first trip to Africa, to make it as easy, memorable and special as we can. Open communication is the best way we can help ease your concerns about any part of your trip.

We do everything possible to see that your travel goes smoothly. We are happy to answer any questions or offer any service we can.

At this point, if you have any question or concern about booking with Classic Safaris, please notify us. We will answer any questions we can, and will do our best to make you comfortable in booking your safari.