Elephant From Horizon to Horizon

Here is a safari story from a previous client, Mike Robinson:

We saw hundreds of elephant, and tracked and observed many, many shootable trophy bulls.

On one evening alone, as the sun set in a red and darkening sky, we saw a herd of well over 200, and perhaps as many as 300, elephant. These elephant included bulls of all ages and sizes, and cows and calves by the dozens. They had been feeding in a dense forest, and as we approached them, they winded us. At first, some of them ran, but then, the vast bulk of them lumbered calmly away from us, across a wide plain to a farther feeding ground deep in the gathering dusk.

Elephant stretched from our left to our right, from the farthest reach of our sight on one side, to the farthest on the other. And they were sixes and sevens and tens and dozens deep. A solid wall and column of elephant from horizon to horizon.

It was a sight that none of us who witnessed it will ever forget.

Mike Robinson