The King of the Mountain

Here is a story from previous client Mike Homcha:

Prior to booking my hunt with Vaughan, I was very honest with him about some limitations I have concerning my mobility. I asked Vaughan if he felt I would be OK on the hunt, and without blinking, he said “Mike, I promise to take excellent care of you, and see that you don’t get hurt.”

While hunting Mountain Zebra, Vaughan asked me to stay put while he went down the mountain and glassed to see if there were any Mt. Zebra about. Twenty minutes or so passed, and then I saw Vaughan coming back up the mountain, waving me toward him. Vaughan said that he spotted a herd with a nice stallion but it would involve a stalk of several hundred yards to get into position for a shot.

Vaughan carefully led me down the boulder and rock strewn mountainside, constantly checking on my condition, asking if I was still up to it. Eventually, he maneuvered me into a shooting position, and I was able to take the Zebra with one shot. I was so happy, I had tears in my eyes.
Vaughan then said he’d go back for the truck and we would drive up to the downed Zebra, but I was so thrilled on having taken the Zebra, that I told him I wanted to walk down the mountain the rest of the way. It took me a while, gimpy legs and all, but I did it. Without Vaughan’s taking such good care of me, I wouldn’t have been able to take what I consider to be the King of The Mountain. I learned that Vaughan is a man of his word, and you can trust him with your life. I did.

Mike Homcha