About Namibia’s Communal Conservancies

In Namibia, Communal Conservancies make it possible for traditional people living in rural areas to benefit from the natural resources. This is only right as these people are directly responsible for the conservation of the game and the overall improvement of conditions within the area. 

The community receives compensation for their hunting concession contract. For the majority of the species hunted in the communal conservancies, 100% of the trophy fees or close to it is paid to the communities. The community also benefits from distribution of at least 90% of the meat to the various villages, employment of local members, training of these members, and concession or donation fees for re-investment within the area.

Strict quotas are set by the Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism to ensure that all hunting is sustainable. The money received is used for community development projects and or distributed to the people.

This is different from the government concessions, where the contract is made with the Namibian national government for hunting rights. It is also different from the other form of conservancy in Namibia,  where private land owners create a conservancy by joining their properties yet maintain ownership of their original land as demarcated ranch land.

Classic Safaris is committed to hunting in these areas because the people living in these communities benefit directly from the natural resources that they have committed themselves to conserving. The game population is increasing steadily due to the conservation and re-investment, and it is also fantastic to offer hunters the opportunity to hunt wilderness and open areas where there is a win win situation for all.